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Solutions Summit

Foreign Policy’s inaugural food security summit convened high-level guests across multiple sectors to address and discuss the most pressing issues facing our global food system.  Through this program, we strove to draw attention to the core challenges associated with maintaining biodiversity, developing new agricultural techniques and establishing sustainable business models in an ever-changing world.  The goal of this summit was not only to raise awareness of key issues, but to challenge all parties who hold a vested interest to work collaboratively to encourage innovation in the pursuit of a permanently food secure world.

Meet the Speakers

Diverse Tasting

Designed as the capstone on the day’s discussions, the Food Forever Experience D.C. provided an opportunity to see – and taste – the concepts in practice. Featuring renowned chefs from the D.C. area and unique ingredients such as breadfruit, icicle radish, chayote and more, guests were shown why these and other lesser-known foods are so important for creating resilient, sustainable and delicious food systems.

Meet the Chefs

The Ingredients

  • Breadfruit

    Breadfruit is a species of flowering tree in the mulberry and jackfruit family, originating in the South Pacific, from whence it was taken far and wide, including by Captain Bligh of HMS Bounty fame. Its name is derived from the cooked fruit, whose texture is similar to freshly baked bread and tastes like potato. Recent advances have allowed breadfruit to be processed into flour for use in baking and even to make pasta, which has opened new market opportunities for farmers.

  • Black Garlic

    Long a significant ingredient in Asian cuisines, black garlic is an aesthetically unique and flavorful twist on one of the most common kitchen staples. Stark black garlic cloves are the result of weeks of fermenting on a strict diet of heat and humidity. The surprisingly sweet and slightly molasses-like flavor can put a unique spin on any traditionally garlic-heavy dishes from bruschetta to pizzas to vinaigrettes.

  • Blondkopchen Cherry Tomato

    An heirloom tomato variety hailing from eastern Germany, these bright yellow cherry tomatoes are recognized as one of the most flavorful tomato varieties. These cherry tomatoes are noticeably sweet and slightly citrusy. Additionally, the blondkopchen variety is highly resilient due to its ability to ward off common tomato pests and diseases and grow well in nearly any climate.

  • Chayote

    Chayote is native to Mesoamerica and is believed to be one of the earliest plants to be cultivated in that region. With edible fruits, roots and flowers, this crop is high in vitamin C, and is commercially important in several countries, particularly in Latin America and parts of Asia.

  • Escarole

    With a texture somewhere between kale and spinach, escarole is a popular leafy green vegetable used in Italian dishes. It belongs to the chicory family and is slightly bitter in taste. With high amounts of vitamin C, calcium and other nutrients, it’s been consumed for its taste and health benefits since the 1500s in Egypt, England and Greece.

  • Hokkaido Pumpkin

    Cultivated in Japan since the 19th century, the Hokkaido pumpkin spread from the Far East to California, Florida, and New York, where it is now a staple crop in farmers’ markets. Bright orange and lightweight, the pumpkin adds a subtle, sweet flavor to soups, purees, and roasted vegetable plates.

  • Honeynut Squash

    Bred in upstate New York, the palm-sized honeynut squash has quickly changed how we think about plant breeding, cooking for flavor and bringing diversity to our plates. Shrunk to a more manageable size than other squash varieties and packed with a notably sweet and nutty flavor, it also punches above its weight nutritionally. The honeynut squash offers twice as much beta-carotene as the popular butternut squash and is a significant source of Vitamin A.

  • Sunchoke

    Also known as the “Jerusalem artichoke” and easily mistaken for a knob of ginger, a better comparison for the sunchoke would be a potato. Sunchokes can frequently be used as a substitute for potatoes and its nutty and slightly sweet flavor can contribute to anything from purees to a tasty sauteed side dish. The mild-flavored tuber has been cultivated for hundreds of years in North America, a significant ingredient in Native American cuisines from the East Coast to the West.

  • White Icicle Radish

    While its name might suggest otherwise, the white icicle radish is in fact a summer variety that can withstand higher temperatures than most other radish varieties. The flesh is brilliant white and has a crisp texture, accompanied by a slightly spicy flavor profile. The combination of an interesting look, a satisfying texture and a bold flavor make the icicle radish an excellent ingredient in salads, stir fries, or as a garnish.

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Amaranth Tabouli - Erik Oberholtzer


Breadfruit Tostones - Zena Polin


Brewer's Grain Pizza Dough - Ruth Gresser


Hokkaido Pumpkin Bar - Ralf Schlegel


Honeynut Squash Falaffel - Todd & Ellen Gray


Sunchoke Soup - Helena del Pesco


Tom Yum BLondkopfchen Cherry Tomatoes - Kevin Tien








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