Ash Nixtamalized Tamalito in Beet Mole

Credit: Martín Morales

Chef – Martín Morales


1 kg ash mass
250 g oil
Salt to taste
200 g mushrooms
100 g Swiss chard
100 g cotija cheese
90 ml beet mole


Mix the ash mass with the oil and salt. Sauté the onion in hot oil, add mushrooms with chards and sauté. Season with Cotija cheese and salt if necessary, reserve the filling. Place the mass on the Totomoxtle sheet and close in the shape of a cylinder. Arrange in the Tamalera pot and cook for 2:30 hours. Serve on a Beet Mole mirror

Opting for an ash Nixtamalization instead of the traditional one is the low impact of Nijayote contamination, thus the accessibility to the ash and the low cost it represents, resulting in a friendly Nixtamalization with our environment.

Ash Nixtamalization

3 L Water
500 g White corn
160 g Ash

Boil the water, add the ash at once when the water is hot and then add the corn, let it cook for 1:47 hours, turn off the heat and let it rest for approx. 10 hours. Everything depends on the corn that is used.

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