Beremeal and Muntjac Dumpling with Over-Ripe Mustard Fruit

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Chef – Brett Graham


520 g whole egg
120 g caster sugar
6 g bicarbonate of soda
320 g beremeal
320 g T45 flour
20 g honey
6 g salt


Combine all dry ingredients together. Combine all wet ingredients together before adding to dry ingredients. Blend both mixtures together well with a hand blender. Set aside in a container to store. Keep in the fridge at all times.

Muntjac Dumplings:

1700 g braised deer meat
15 leaves gelatin
1 kg onion consommé
5 g agar agar
100 g balsamic vinegar
5 g juniper powder


Pre-heat deep fat fryer to 185°C. Soak gelatine. Add agar agar to consommé, bring to the boil. Add soaked gelatine to dissolve. Strain and allow to set and cool. Blend cooled consommé until smooth. Mix through the meat, balsamic, juniper, salt and pepper. Form into balls and freeze

Stick cocktail sticks into frozen balls. Dip balls into batter to coat and dip in fryer for 3-4 mins until golden.


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