Candy Cane Lox

Food Forever Experience London. 27 November 2019. Photo: Michael Major for Crop Trust.

Chef – Lauren Lovatt


1 kg mixed beets and carrots, cleaned and cut in half
2 nori sheets
2 cups olive oil
½ cup kelp / dulse flakes
3 tbsp smoked salt
3 tbsp smoked paprika


Line a baking tin with two sheets of baking paper. Lay half of beets and carrots onto the baking paper, squeezing them together as tight as possible. Then sprinkle with half the salt, nori and kelp. Plate one nori sheet on the first layer. Add the second layer of carrots and repeat.

Pour enough oil over the roots to submerge them. Seal the parcel with paper and foil.

Then put in an oven preheated at 180C for 2 hours until the roots are perfectly soft. Allow to cool. When ready, stream away the oil, saving for a dressing.Allow to cool, peel and now carefully slice the roots. Place with the cut side down on your chopping board, slice horizontally across a couple of mm thick. This will create a smoked ‘salmon’ like texture. Once everything is cut, put in a bowl to dry smoke, for a deeper smokey flavor.

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