How to secure the foods of the future?

“In 12 years, 26 per cent of potato productivity could be lost as a result of the impact of climate change, if nothing is done to mitigate and adapt to this risk,” says James Stapleton, head of communications at the International Potato Center.

With this urgency, as well as that of achieving Target 2.5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for conserving genetic diversity by before 2020, CIP, together with theĀ  Crop Trust and the hotel chain Inkaterra have organized the Food Forever Experience Cusco.

The event seeks to highlight the importance of agricultural biodiversity for three purposes: ensuring food and nutritional security for today and future generations, improving the resilience of crops to climate change, and enhance innovation and business competitiveness.

Read the full article by Manuela Zurita on El Comercio (in Spanish).
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