Yi Wen

Yi-Wen is a plant-forward Wholefoods Educator with passion in ‘Food Therapy’ from China.  She is considered a citizen of the world. After working in the fashion ‘Retail Therapy’ industry for 17 years in New York and Shanghai, she discovered therapeutic culinary arts in year 2010.  She is now teaching at integrative medicine clinics, organic farms, corporate wellness programs as well as food education platforms with emphasis on plant-centric nutrition. Yi-Wen was also one of the main educators for the Good Food Road Show in 2017 where they toured 20 cities in China, Taiwan & Hong Kong raising awareness on the ‘true cost of food’, and inspiring their audience to (re)discover Good Food choices that are healthy, sustainable, non-violent, mindful and culturally diverse. 

Her therapeutic food philosophy is serving whole, living, seasonal foods, in their natural form, minimally processed, minimally refined, packed with life force, which fuels and energizes our mind, body and health, but does not compromise on flavor, taste or satisfaction.

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