What isFood Forever?

With changing climates and growing populations, humanity must work together to ensure that future generations can produce sufficient, nutritious food in a sustainable way.

The objective of the Food Forever Initiative is to raise awareness for the importance and urgency to conserve and use agricultural biodiversity for enhanced food and nutritional security. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 2.5 defines this shared vision for the Food Forever Initiative:

By 2020, maintain the genetic diversity of seeds, cultivated plants and farmed and domesticated animals and their related wild species, including through soundly managed and diversified seed and plant banks at the national, regional and international levels, and promote access to and fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, as internationally agreed. 

Effecting Change

To effect systemic change, all who have a stake in the food system need to engage: from farmers growing a greater diversity of crops and livestock; to crop breeders incorporating more diversity in their improvement programs; to retailers providing more options on their shelves; to consumers demanding more diverse foods.

The Food Forever Initiative will:

  • Support governments and other stakeholders in their efforts to implement Target 2.5;
  • Propose and endorse innovative initiatives and activities to support the implementation of SDG target 2.5;
  • Share exemplary efforts that are pursuing effective strategies and overcoming barriers;
  • Strengthen national programs, information systems and capacity building;
  • Promote access and benefit sharing of genetic resources – especially for small holder farmers;
  • Publicize breakthrough analyses and success stories of countries, organizations, NGOs and companies in global and national media;
  • Provide a platform for the many organizations and institutions that work on different aspects of the food system to jointly promote the importance of the crop and livestock diversity that underpins our food systems; and
  • Take advantage of opportunities identified by Partner Organizations to improve and develop key aspects of the global system for the conservation and use of crop and livestock diversity

The Food Forever Initiative will advocate for concrete actions and ideas in support of implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Target 2.5.