Bioversity International Publishes Book on Mainstreaming Agrobiodiversity

Bioversity International, a Food Forever Partner Organization, has launched the first scientific review of agrobiodiversity’s untapped potential to fight global challenges, including climate change and malnutrition. Mainstreaming Agrobiodiversity in Sustainable Food Systems reviews and analyses decades of research on the critical yet underappreciated role that agrobiodiversity can play in creating a more sustainable food system. It draws together evidence on the role of biodiversity in healthy diets and in sustainable, multifunctional farming systems, plus the conservation and seed systems that are needed to support these. The book has been welcomed by Food Forever Champions:

“A well-researched book that illustrates the important, but undervalued role of biodiversity in the world’s food systems. With a host of case studies, facts and figures about this growing area of research, this is a must-read  for anyone interested in how we can use all our biodiversity resources for more nutritious food while reducing damage to the planet.”

-H.E. Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius and Champion of Food Forever

“Mainstreaming Agrobiodiversity breaks out of the mould of the predictable. Thoughtful, refreshingly clear and at times provocatively counter-intuitive, this is a serious and commendable effort. It deserves considered engagement and reflection.”

-Cary Fowler, former Executive Director of the Crop Trust and Food Forever Champion

Readers can access a copy of the complete text here.

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