Our campaigns

Food Forever Seeks to Educate & Inspire

Food Forever is an awareness raising initiative in support of Target 2.5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to make sure the importance of conserving crop and livestock diversity reaches as many people possible, so that come 2020, the prospect of ending hunger isn’t just a goal – but a reality.

We engage and inspire communities by leading campaigns with support from stakeholders – be they politicians, farmers, chefs, businesses, or individuals – to inspire, educate and drive change.

Food Forever Experience

The Food Forever Experience is an international event series that gives a glimpse of the future of food. By working with innovative chefs to cook up lesser known ingredients, we plant the seed for a more diverse, sustainable, and delicious future.

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Chefs: 2020 for 2020

2020 for 2020 is a global campaign in partnership with the Chef’s Manifesto that calls on chefs to advocate for the amazing wealth of diversity within our food system and to put it to use in their kitchens and beyond.  Our aim is to inspire 2020+ chefs from across the world to champion biodiversity by 2020 – the target year for achieving UN SDG 2.5.

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Food Origins

Food is one of the world’s most successful immigration stories. Our forthcoming  infographic series, Food Origins, promises to challenge your preconceptions about some of the world’s most loved national dishes.

These infographics will bring attention to humanity’s interdependence on plant and livestock diversity, the need for conservation and the role of SDG 2.5 in implementing this. This has the potential to rock your world (and your tastebuds) so stay tuned!