Chef action for biodiversity - 2030 for 2030

2020 chefs left to reach our target

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) culminate in 2030. To mobilize action and build awareness of this goal, the Food Forever Initiative and the Chefs’ Manifesto are joining forces to launch the 2030 for 2030, a global campaign that calls on chefs to advocate for the amazing wealth of diversity within our food system and to put it to use in their kitchens and beyond. 

The Campaign

Our aim is to inspire 2030+ chefs from across the world to champion biodiversity by 2030 – the target year for achieving UN SDG 2 – Zero Hunger. Chef actions will be showcased here to demonstrate how chefs can inspire better ways of cooking and eating and advocate for biodiversity conservation, through their kitchens, restaurants and recipes.

A Global Chef Movement

  • 49
  • 37
  • 9
  • 17
  • 24
  • 2
  • North America
    37 chefs
  • South America
    9 chefs
  • Europe
    49 chefs
  • Africa
    17 chefs
  • Asia
    24 chefs
  • Austrilia
    2 chefs

Chefs can sign up to be a part of the campaign here

Inspire Change

By signing up, you commit to protecting what remains of the vast, colorful spectrum of diversity within our food system and celebrating it on your menus and in your restaurants. You can help plant the seed for a more diverse, sustainable and delicious future. Actions include adding a diverse ingredient to your menu, highlighting a diverse ingredient of the month or advocating for the importance of biodiversity with consumers and the general public.

Campaign Overview Toolkit for you

The Chefs’ Manifesto Podcast

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