Food Forever Chair Speaks to University Students

Her Excellency Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic of Mauritius and Champion of the Food Forever Initiative, recently spoke at Princeton University in the United States. She met with faculty, students and staff to engage in a dialogue on the state of our food systems, highlighting the crucial role that agricultural biodiversity plays in addressing the challenges ahead.

“Biodiversity is the basis of life and central to human existence” she stated.

Her Excellency also noted that more than 812 million people go to bed hungry each day. Two Billion suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.

“Increasing the sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity in production and consumption systems will be an important part of the solution to the challenge of meeting future food and nutrition security,” she said. Climate change and population growth continue to put pressure on our food systems. We must act today to ensure breeders and farmers have the options available to adapt our food systems and feed the next generation.

Read more about the Food Forever Chair’s visit here.

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