Food you've never heard of could end hunger

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IN THE NEWS: CBS This Morning Features the Food Forever Experience NYC with DEMARCO MORGAN

6 October 2018: The term “conservation” may bring wildlife or land preservation to mind. But what about the food we eat?

According to Crop Trust, an international organization working to safeguard agriculture, we only use about 1 percent of available crops to fuel our diets. That could put the future of our food system at risk.

That’s why Erik Oberholtzer helped to gather leaders in the restaurant industry last week at Google’s New York City office in an effort to encourage a more diverse and delicious future. On the menu was Breadfruit Tikki, Teff Tacos and Fonio Salad.

The ingredients in these dishes may sound strange, but Erik Oberholtzer thinks they could be the next big thing.

Read the full story at CBS NEWS.

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