Matthew Delisle

Executive Chef for Restaurants Associates in Google's Cambridge Office

Although the New Hampshire countryside is what gave young Matthew Delisle an early passion for local ingredients, he doesn’t look back on it for inspiration. Instead, the New England native lets those memories motivate him as he moves forward, creating new experiences with fresh material. Forward momentum seems to come naturally to Delisle. By the time he graduated Harvard University, he was already a culinary veteran, having worked in and run hotel restaurants all over the country for Hilton, the Four Seasons, and the Mandarin Oriental. Delisle had thoroughly cut his teeth.  

He joined Frank McClelland’s acclaimed team at L’Espalier as a sous chef in 2010. As chef de cuisine, Delisle’s tenure has been emphatically farm fresh, with seafood sourced from an ever-increasing number of local Boston suppliers. While Delisle also draws much inspiration from books, ingredients, film, and philosophy, at L’Espalier, he’s newly reconnected to the great outdoors that first inspired him.

Delisle is one of the few chefs brave enough to say that his work in the kitchen is art. He’s driven by intellectual curiosity and creative restlessness, composing plates often driven by color and always a precise manipulation of flavors, textures, and expectations. He believes in fine dining—whether or not it’s in vogue or financially viable—as an outlet for expression and fulfillment. In 2015, Delisle earned a StarChefs Rising Stars Chef award for his efforts at the landmark restaurant. Today, Matthew is the Executive Chef for Restaurant Associates in Google’s Cambridge office.

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