Ange Branca

Chef & Owner, Saté Kampar

Ange Branca grew up in her grandmother’s kitchen where she learned the traditional techniques of Malaysian cooking, a cuisine that bears the influence of multiple cultures dating back to the 14th century when Malaysia was a spice trading hub. Though she grew up in a culinary family, she spent the first part of her career in business consulting for international corporations like Deloitte, Fujitsu and IBM, which landed her in the US. After years of living abroad, her nostalgia for the flavors of home coupled with what she perceived as a dying appreciation for humble Malaysian cuisine back home inspired Ange to open Saté Kampar, a restaurant focusing on saté (skewered meat grilled on coconut shell charcoal) and traditional Malaysian cooking made from scratch with unique ingredients specially grown for the restaurant or imported from Malaysia. The restaurant quickly became one of Philly’s top restaurants, voted Best of Philly in 2016 for Best New BYOB, and in 2017 for Best Coffee Drinks. Zagat named Saté Kampar the top 10 most important restaurant openings. In 2017 Saté Kampar was nominated for the James Beard Award. She is a member of the Les Dames d’Escoffier, an international organization of woman leaders in the culinary field.

The diversity of food and culture that Ange grew up with in Malaysia inspired her latest project, a charity dinner series, Muhibbah Dinners. Muhibbah— when people of multiple cultures, races and religions come together in peace and tolerance — is best appreciated when a good meal is shared. Ange started Muhibbah Dinners to bring together chefs of different backgrounds and cultures to celebrate diversity with diners in Philadelphia and raise funds for nonprofits that work with immigrants and refugees.

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