Randy Siles

Co-founder of Autóktono, Founder of Academia Artesanos de La Gastronomía, and Chef-Owner of OS

Randy Siles is the first chef Ambassador of Costa Rica’s National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy. An investigator of indigenous ingredients and methods, Randy rooted his cooking philosophy embracing traditional Costa Rican gastronomy, innovation and the ‘Zero Kilometer’ concept.

Randy Siles is the co-founder of Autóktono – a digital platform empowering cooks to transform communities through sustainable and healthy gastronomy, founder of Academia Artesanos de la Gastronomía, a nonprofit organization focused on training at-risk youth, and the creator and chef-owner of OS, a zero-kilometer, innovative Costa Rican cuisine restaurant in Santa Teresa de Cóbano on the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone. Randy Siles was inducted into the Disciples d’Escoffier International and Les Toques Blanches International Club in France, becoming the first Latin American chef to receive this prestigious recognition.

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