Ska Mirriam Moteane

Chef, Founder of Ska Moteane Foundation

Ska Mirriam Moteane is an award-winning renowned chef, cookbook author, activist and entrepreneur from Lesotho who came to fame after winning the 2012 award for Gourmand Best African Cookbook in the World.

She specialises in traditional local cuisine which promotes healthy eating by using local produce, and in January 2010 she established her vision to fight hunger in rural local communities by using indigenous produce that can be sustained given the current climate conditions.

Ska has practiced extensively in leadership positions with leading Foundations and global humanitarian organizations, state organs and various social sector organizations to support socio-economic development in Lesotho and beyond. She is also an Ambassador for IFAD’S Recipes 4 Change initiative in Africa.

In 2020 she registered her Foundation- Ska Moteane Foundation, an organization established to help bring simple sustainable solutions to poor rural local communities in Lesotho derived from accessible local resources to establish abundance in food.

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