Umber Ahmad

Founder and Chef, Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

Umber Ahmad grew up traveling around the world, belonging simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. Her family is from Pakistan and she grew up in a town in northern Michigan filled with first-generation Finns and Swedes. The magic of spices was first taught to her in Pakistan, where as a very young girl she learned that food had a language all its own. After studying genetics and business, Umber spent much of her career in finance. During her tenure as an investment banker, she was the subject of “Risk|Reward”, a critically acclaimed 2002 TriBeCa Film Festival-premiered documentary film about women on Wall Street. While she continues to work closely with luxury brands, world-renowned chefs and restaurateurs to expand their concepts globally, Umber has found with the bakery the perfect intersection of all her expertise. By combining her business acumen, science education, and cultural knowledge, she is creating a food story like no other. As the first Colicchio Discovery brand, Umber is thrilled and honored to be building the next great culinary experience with Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery. It is through the making and sharing of her treats that she has found her true voice.

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