Pocono Organics

Sprawling more than 380 acres in the iconic Pocono Mountains, Pocono Organics is located less than 100 miles from NYC and Philadelphia.  With its acreage and nearly 40,000 square feet of soil-based greenhouse space, Pocono Organics is one of the largest regenerative organic farms in North America. The leadership at the farm has dedicated 90 acres as a global center for research, education, and discovery. The facility hosts a 30,000 square-foot processing/packaging center that also includes an R&D food lab, and organic market and cafe led by Chopped Champion Chef, Lindsay McClain, for people to shop locally grown, diverse ingredients.

Sustainability is a hallmark of Pocono Organics and it was recognized by the Green Sports Alliance as a 2019 Environmental Innovator of the year.  The farm receives its power from a 25-acre, 3MW solar farm (that also powers Pocono Raceway), and its main facility was designed with a living roof to reclaim, filter, and reuse rainwater for greenhouse crop irrigation. Additionally, more than 300,000 honey bees call Pocono Organics home as they live and work pollinating crops and fields. Pocono Organics also serves the local community through its Clean Food, Dirty Hands school education program and veterans in transition through a Veteran Farmer Training Program. Click here to learn more about Pocono Organic’s mission and work.


Photo credit: Pocono Organics

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